Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jorge Posada: My Favorite Player

Growing up a Yankees fan I had to make a very tough decision, who would be my favorite player? When I finally came to a decision my answer was Jorge Posada. I knew my favorite had to be a true Yankee and it couldn't be Derek Jeter, well because he was already the most well known player on the team, and he was already everyone else's favorite. The other choices I had were the other members of the core four Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte. For some reason I decided that it had to be an everyday player and my decision then became easy, from that day until now Jorge Posada has always been my favorite player on the Yankees.

From that day on I followed Jorge Posada's career very closely and throughout the years I knew that I had made the right choice. Not only was (seems weird to be seeing was instead of is) he an incredible ball player, with career numbers ranking among the Yankee greats, including 1,829 games played 275 home runs, 5 all star games played, 5 silver slugger awards, and 4 World Series championships. As well Posada leads all Yankee catchers in doubles and walks, and only ranks behind Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra in runs, hits, and RBI. Posada is truly one of the greatest Yankees of all time, and although I have a biased opinion I believe Posada will end up in Cooperstown.

As great as Posada was on the field, what he has accomplished off the field may be better. Jorge Posada's son Jorge Luis suffers from crainosynstosis, which is a condition where one's skull cannot grow properly. He has had numerous surgeries to ensure he can live a healthy life, the final coming in June 2011, and according to Jorge Posada his son is doing well. What is remarkable about Jorge Luis's story is that it inspired his father to create the Jorge Posada Foundation, whose goal is help spread awareness and to provide surgeries for those who are in need.  His charitable work shows that Posada was not only a incredible talent on the field, but a man who had his priorities in check and made sure that he used his influence to help others.

Jorge Posada has been a tremendous Yankee and will be remembered for years to come. He will have plenty of opportunities in the future, either as a coach, analyst or whatever he decides to do. That said it will not be the same come april when Posada's name is not announced on opening day.


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