Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nick Swisher's Celebrations Too Far or Just Right?

When most Yankees fans are asked which player has the best personality on the team, and who lifts the spirits of the other Yankee players, many will answer Nick Swisher. What fans love about Swisher is he plays the game as a child, and truly enjoys doing it. Pairing Swisher's kid like personality with the fact that he is off to a tremendous start equals one happy go lucky baseball player.  Like most kids who play baseball Swisher loves to celebrate his successes with great emotion. That begs the question has Nick Swisher gone to far with his antics on the field or are they simply just right, and exactly what the Yankees need.
In the midst of the 7th inning during Saturday's tremendous comeback against the Red Sox Nick Swisher hit a tremendous grand slam and celebrated in his typical Swisher way. He did his own hand motion with ends with him looking up to the sky (assuming he is thanking god). Followed by Swisher giving huge high fives to all of his teammates, all with a huge smile on his face. Of course other players thank god and celebrate with their teammates, but with Swisher there is always a certain amount of  "swagger" in his celebrations. Now reading this one might think, so what why shouldn't Swisher be happy after a huge grand slam that just happened to come during one of the greatest single game comebacks in Yankees history. The answer is your right. Nick Swisher should be able to celebrate as he pleases even if some people think what he is doing is bad for baseball.
The issue that arrises is whether or not what Swisher is doing is being disrespectful to the other team,  in particular the opposing pitcher. Personally I don't think so. Why is it that in baseball the players are held to such a higher standard then the other major sports in regards to showing emotion. Watch a NBA game, after almost every basket every player on the bench stands up, waves towels, gives each other chest bumps, and those are the players on the bench. Have you ever seen a diva wide receiver showboat after catching a touchdown? I have, and isn't that being disrespectful to the defense? The problem here is that the baseball purists don't want what has happened to the other sports to happen to baseball, and that I can agree with. The amount of  over the top celebration in other sports is way to high, but that does not mean that baseball has to remain in the 20th century in regards to allowing players to have fun.

The fact is that prior to Nick Swisher's arrival one of the biggest problems the faced the Yankees, was that their appeared to be a lot of stress inside the Yankees clubhouse and that the players simply needed to have fun. That all changed as soon as Swisher asked Joe Girardi if he could play music in the locker room.  From there on out Swisher has been able to bring personality to an otherwise stoic team. Even if some people believe that everything he is doing isn't great for the baseball, that shouldn't stop Swisher from continuing his celebrations or any other of his antics anytime soon.


Thats just Swisher being Swisher. You have to know he is not doing it to show up the other team.

it doesn't matter what the intent is ... people still get angry

He makes money doing what he loves, not sure why people hate on that.

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