Monday, June 25, 2012

One Happy Swisher. Why?

Keep Smiling, Nick.

Nick Swisher has never been smiling more. In fact, the only time I did not see him with his trademark ear-to-ear grin this past weekend was when he was at-bat. Even then, it was hard for him to not have fun. He hit a three run home run yesterday that put the Yankees ahead early in the game.

Swisher had that smile going on a few different occasions this past series - rounding the bases after the home run Sunday, in the dugout after, during his post game interview yesterday, and, most notably, after he helped carry an Ike Davis ball into the stands for a three run home run on Friday. Think about it this way: Swisher smiled after he hurt the team. I have no problem with this. He made a bad play, but was man enough to shake it off and move on.

But why is Swisher so happy? His season has been anything but spectacular. He continues to be a decent fielder and an average power hitter batting in the bottom third of the most expensive lineup baseball can buy. His contract expires at the end of this season, and the sentiment among fans and media is that this is his last season in pinstripes.

Nick Swisher is still a fan-favorite. In 2009, he became notorious for pranking teammates. His interviews are anything but standard, and you can't deny that he can be a funny son-of-a-gun.

In many ways, Nick should be having fun. He has a chance to help lead the Yankees to a second title since he came to the team. In a contract year, he wants to try to leave it all out on the field and enjoy the game. He is the type of player teams covet because of his positive attitude.

Or maybe his $10.25 million contract has something to do with it.


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