Friday, June 22, 2012

The Yankees' "Other" Future Hall of Famer

The Yankees gave Andruw Jones his second consecutive one-year, $2-million contract to help balance the team’s lefty-heavy lineup. But with injuries to Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher, Jones has received much more playing time than originally planned.

Jones did his job pretty well in 2011, slugging 13 home runs in 77 games and finishing with a .495 slugging percentage, which was better than all of his teammates not named Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano.

Most importantly, Jones hit .286 against lefties over the course of the season. This year, he is just 12-for-65, which is a measly .185- a drop of 100 points. Only Eric Chavez (1-for-8, .125) is struggling worse against lefties.

The outfielder is faring much better against right-handed pitching, hitting .250 with a .977 OPS, second best on the team.

To Jones’ credit, his overall OBP (.310) is more than 100 points higher than his overall batting average (.206), so his approach is still patient enough to fit the Yankees’ style and earn him a spot in the lineup.

Jones struggled mightily in the first half of 2011, with an overall batting average of .195 with four home runs in 87 at-bats. He turned it on after the all-star break, hitting .291 with nearly twice as many home runs and RBIs in 103 at-bats. August was his best month, as he hit .344 with a home run every eight at-bats.

Another second-half surge would be gladly welcomed, but with Gardner expected to return around this year’s all-star break, Jones will see less time in the lineup. He’ll have to make the most of his decreased plate appearances if he hopes to have an impact.  


I don't Jones is close to being a hall of famer. Why do you think so?

400 career home runs, 10 consecutive Gold Gloves and he's a 5-time all-star. Maybe I shouldn't have said it so definitively but I'd say he certainly deserves consideration.

The way I've always felt is that "hall of famers" are players that, for at least 7 years, were the players that defined their position. I never felt that about Jones during his prime.

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