Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Quick Confession - I Was Wrong About Kuroda

In my opinion, sports journalism is not the most "liable" business. If you don't believe me, turn on an NFL football pre game show. Every "expert" is asked which team they think will win. It's a 50/50 situation, and analysts are wrong as much as they're correct when teams are virtually even. If the other team wins, who cares? It's just sports. If they guess right often, people listen to their every word, waiting to craft their own prediction (or bet) around that analyst's guess.

I am not the type of person that likes to make predictions. I am more interested in making "educated generalizations" that classify how we, as fans, might view a season. In the case of the Yankees, the most successful franchise in North American professional sports, I tend to see things through a demanding lens because of prior successes. When I watch my New York Jets fail year after year, I see things differently. You get the point.

I would like to point out a mistake I made so you know I am accountable for everything I say on this website. Earlier in the season, I wrote that Kuroda is a 37 year old National League pitcher and that he would not fare well in the power-hitting American League East.

I was wrong. Kuroda has been nothing short of spectacular lately and there is nothing I can say except that I still believe it was realistic for me to think he might struggle.

I am not going to fall into the same trap I made before, however. I am not predicting Kuroda will dominate for the rest of the year. I just hope he can keep it up because, let's face it, he's pretty old.


I also was very skeptical of this signing, you weren't the only one. I was wrong too.

Great picture of Hiroki Kuroda. Please host it on your own server and not mine.

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