Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Don't Want Andy Pettitte Back Next Season

Bernie Williams' guitar career has been booming
since his MLB career ended (Deadspin).
The Yankees of the past 15 years have prided themselves on letting guys go when they've just had enough. After 2001, Tino Martinez was expendable, so they signed Jason Giambi. Bernie Williams hit .281 in 2006, but New York decided not to resign him and he never played another MLB game. After last season, the Yankees told Jorge Posada to take a hike.

I have no opinion on how New York conducts its business. It is the most successful sports franchise in the history of North America, and it's obvious management understands baseball has never been a "what have you done for me in the past" business. If the Bombers rewarded past achievements, Derek Jeter would have been signed to a $100 million contract two years ago.

There is no reason to honor past success in a new contract. It's all about what you can provide in the future, and how you fit in with a team's plans moving forward.

I bring this up because the Yankees soon have to make a tough decision with Andy Pettitte. He is a free agent after this season, and said he may want to return in 2013.

If New York signs him, I think it will hinder their ability in the future.

Let's assume New York does not resign Hiroki Kuroda. That means next year's rotation will be, assuming everyone is healthy: C.C. Sabathia, Michael Pineda, Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, and a spot to be determined. If that spot belongs to Andy Pettitte, that would be a solid five man rotation.

But why not give it to David Phelps, especially if management feels he will be as good as Pettitte? He has looked great of late, but who knows whether he is capable of pitching over 150 innings as a starter.

Why not sign a good free agent pitcher, especially if Nick Swisher is gone? New York has made many of those "depth type of signings" near spring training anyway (Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon).

Many fans will Andy Pettitte to choose his own future. The popular notion will be if he wants to return, then he should.

All I'm saying is that there may be better options out there than an injury-prone Pettitte. His last two seasons (2010, 2012), he has missed significant time.

Brian Cashman knows he doesn't have to be loyal. Just ask past New York legends. 


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