Monday, September 24, 2012

Mark Teixeira: Don't Question The Grit

The New York Yankees are taking their time with having Mark Teixeira return to their lineup as the first baseman has been sidelined with a calf strain for the last few weeks. As the playoff hunt continues, there are players that are banged up and still on the field for their team. The move to rest Teixeira should not be questioned and comparing him to one of those players.

Teixeira's 2012 campaign has sadly been very injury prone, but he is in no shape to stay in the games and hit as a designated hitter like Evan Longoria. One more set-back and the Yankees could have Nick Swisher playing first base throughout the playoffs.

If it was up to Teixeira he would be on the field with the team as soon as he can, but the decision rests in the hands of the front office. Brett Gardner attempted to return as quick as he could and was set back multiple times to eventually having him ready for the final week of the season.

The anger and dislike for Teixeira displayed by fans on Twitter and on article comments all has a big question mark on it at times. Is it because he has a big contract and sometimes will slump? Frustration is a much better way of putting it, but the Yankees are still privileged to have one of the best defensive and solid offensive first basemen in the league.

Teixeira has hit 23 homeruns and has 81 runs batted in for his team in a season in which he's missed weeks worth of games. Just imagine the contributions of a healthy Teixeira.

His return could be imminent and all fans can hope for at this point is some replication of the 2009 postseason magic.


Tex will help out in a lot of ways once he's back

Get him ready for the postseason.

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