Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Small Ball Is Not The Answer

(Daily Herald)
Brian Cashman has made it a point throughout his tenure as the Yankees General Manager to build offense that can do two things: hit homers and get on base. It is pretty well known that these two things are very important to scoring runs and overall offensive production so it does make a good amount of sense. However, when things go bad, you can wait things out and let things reverse themselves like they usually do, or you can make a change.

Following last night's game, Kevin Long spoke to reporters about possibly switching things up with the team's approach at the plate. So this means instead of working walks and waiting for the big hit that has been hard to come by recently, they may try to bunt a little more and move runners from the base to base in order to create some offense. I can't say I agree with this that much.

While small ball does have it's place, that place is not here. Playing small ball involves giving up more outs to move runners along, so let me ask a question. When the team is at its worst offensively, is it really smart to be giving the other team outs? I personally don't think so, especially since the offense has been struggling quite a lot recently and you'd have to think they'll break out at any point.

Once again, it really depends on the situation, but if Nick Swisher or Robinson Cano comes up with runners on first and second and nobody out, there is no way I want them bunting. I don't know you could. I know that things are getting tough to watch and that it's only human nature to want to make big changes, but they just need to have faith that players will get healthy and start producing.


I agree. There's a reason the Yanks lead baseball in slugging percentage. They hit homers, they get on base, they repeat. But the offense is struggling, and any run you can get is important. So if Swisher gets up with a runner on second and none out, I'm looking for something to the right side. Ichiro had the opportunity twice against Shields and couldn't get it done, so maybe in his case we need a bunt. When our offense struggles to score three runs a game, as it has over the past two weeks, we need to consider all options. When the offense gets back in sync, which I am sure they eventually will, we can be content with our regular offensive approach.

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