Monday, September 17, 2012

Derek Lowe: Why You No Pitch More?

Yankees Pitcher Derek Lowe (
Written by Seth Kornfeld:

The Yankees bullpen is struggling.  The problem has been largely overshadowed by the lack of offensive consistency, but the bullpen can and will play a key role coming down the stretch.  So, the question is, who would you trust?

Traditionally, September baseball and playoff baseball means selecting bullpen pitchers with power arms who can throw fastballs past hitters.  However, I believe Derek Lowe should be New York's main reliever.

I know what every avid Yankee fan is thinking ... Derek Lowe?

Lowe has been solid in limited action for the Yankees and he understands how to get hitters out. He may not have a 95 miles per hour pitch, but his sinker/slider combination can still be very effective.

Freddy Garcia is back in the bullpen, so Lowe may not need to fill the long relief role as much.

Lowe has consistently been able to locate pitches and keep the ball down throughout his career, and he can be an extremely effective pitcher in the playoffs.

My theory may be unorthodox, but every game is crucial, and Lowe may be New York's best middle relief option down the stretch.


11 innings 7 runs 16 hits 2 HRs oppo BA is .333 WHIP is 1.68!

Let's hope we don't need middle relief if he's the best we have.

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