Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quick Hits: Yankees Offseason Week In Review

#HIROK in 2013? Not so fast. 
Winter Meeting Notes
- Hiroki Kuroda, Rafael Soriano, and Nick Swisher all declined the Yankees' qualifying offers. Brian Cashman said that he was open to seeing how discussions were going and how if the players choose to leave, the farm system could improve. The compensatory picks that the Yankees would receive would not be any later than 38th.

Kuroda's options were rumored to have been Japan or the Yankees. He rejected that notion. The market will most likely provide him with more than what the Yankees put forth with their qualifying offer. The Red Sox have reportedly started to get in contact with him.

- Alex Rodriguez will not be traded. Cashman made that point clear all throughout the winter meetings.

- No progress has been made in talks to re-sign Ichiro or Raul Ibanez.

- Robinson Cano extension talks have started, but he is being smarter about the negotiations and having it more geared towards him years-wise.  The $189MM payroll is coming into play more now, but the Yankees are sticking with it.

- Andy Pettitte has not made a decision on coming back, but Cashman believes there is a good chance he will return. The Yankees would not mind having him next year as well. David Phelps is an option to take his place, if he retires. 

Mariano Rivera threw off a mound for the first time since May. He threw 25 pitches as part of a commercial. The Yankees should be opening talks soon to re-sign him.


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