Monday, December 3, 2012

Options for the Yankees After A-Rod Injury

Alex Rodriguez not only leaves a hole in the Yankees lineup, but as well as in the diamond defensively. As Brian Cashman gets ready to answer hundreds of questions about what he plans on doing next about third base (even though there are other question marks), we start to explore how the Yankees can fill the hole for a few months.

Resign Eric Chavez

Adams' time to shine? (Photo by
This move is simple and should happen in the coming weeks. Chavez's agent said that his client has an interest in playing in 2013. He was just as injury prone in 2012 as he was in 2011, but he should manage to stay healthy for a few months. Plus, he can still hit right-handed pitchers well.

Enter David Adams
A platooning situation with Adamsand Chavez could hold up for the Rodriguez disabled list stint. If Corban Joseph's glove was better, he would be in consideration here as well. Adams could be worth the shot to see what he can put together for a few weeks. In two seasons at the Double-A level, Adams has hit .307/.387/.468.

Cashman spoke to reporters and said that Eduardo Nunez will not be a candidate for the third baseman job.

Trading for Chase Headley
This seems to be the option that most fans would like to see, because Headley would bring the power to the lineup immediately after a career year. The only problem is that the Yankees do not have the trading chips to get a trade done without dealing their best prospects in the low-A minor league level. The deal could have the Padres receiving a little more than they got in the Matt Latos deal.

Their financial plan of going sub-$189M in 2014 would get a lot tougher, if they chose to retain Headley for much longer than just the Rodriguez injury. His role would change significantly when Rodriguez returns. Under new ownership, the Padres could choose to re-sign him and build up.

Update: The Padres official announced that they will not be moving Headley this offseason. Joel Sherman reported the following from the Winter Meetings in Nashville. 

Moustakas as an option? (ESPN)
Kansas City Royals
The Royals could be trading partners for the Yankees, but it would require New York sending a prospect or two and a Major League ready player in exchange for someone like Mike Moustakas and then adding Jeff Francoeur, since they are looking to shed his contract. Again, trading for a player seems very unlikely for the Yankees to do with other concerns at the moment.

Brian Cashman has his hands full this winter with finding an outfielder, bullpen help, catcher and now a third baseman. An all-star player is not needed at every position. This provides a chance for the Yankees to finally give young guns like Adams a shot at proving themselves in the Majors. No need to panic over Rodriguez missing a few months.


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