Thursday, February 7, 2013

King Felix in Pinstripes Will Wait

Age this photo to when he's 34 and then put him in pinstripes.
The Seattle Mariners are close to locking up ace Felix Hernandez with a 7-year $175M deal, which would make him the highest paid pitcher of all-time. The new deal surpasses current Yankees ace CC Sabathia's contract worth $161M over seven years. A cloud of depression falls over Yankee fans that had hopes of soon seeing the 2010 Cy Young award winner in pinstripes.

Hernandez will be 34 by the time he hits the free-agent market, when the Yankees could make a run for him. The goal for Seattle is to keep him around for as long as possible and build their franchise around him. It could take some time and maybe they won't make the playoffs for most the seven year contract.

Their offense is lacking and behind Hernandez there is little to no support in the rotation. Hernandez's baseball card will have amazing statistics and that appears to be all as he is very committed to Seattle.

People forget that the reason Hernandez once signed with the Mariners was because fellow Venezuelan countryman Freddy Garcia was on the team back in 2002. Garcia would not be a Yankee until 2011, when it was too late.

Fans can't hang their heads on this for too long. What they got from the Mariners in the Jesus Montero trade will develop in due time. Patience is the key to seeing how Michael Pineda comes back from this injury and the same goes for Jose Campos moving up in the minor league system.


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