Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mariano Rivera to Announce 2014 Status Prior to the Season

Will he retire after 2013? We will all know soon enough. 
Yankees closer Mariano Rivera tossed 25 pitches and did some running in first base drills with no sign of pain or discomfort for the first time this Spring Training. When he met with reporters afterwards, it would only be a matter of minutes until the first question about retirement would come up, much like was asked all throughout last spring.

Rivera told the media that he will announce his decision as to whether or not 2013 will be his final season, prior to the beginning of this year's regular season. He expects himself to be back into the same shape that he was in prior to his ACL injury.

He already has made his decision, but will not reveal it until the time is right.

If he announces that 2013 is his final season, what may end up happening could be similar to Chipper Jones' final season. When Jones was on the road and neared his final at-bat or appearance against an opposing team, he was met with applause and respect. Rivera being the all-time saves leader is due for a similar case...even though his entrance in a game signals a save opportunity against the opposing team.


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